Hey, what’s happening?
Nice of you to stop by and check out my blog!
I imagine that until I explode with unprecedented popularity onto the blog world, most of my readership will come from my loyal friends.
I appreciate you supporting this endeavor! We’ll see where it goes. Maybe this will become so widely-read, so hugely-impactful, so profound and far-reaching in its scope that sponsors will flock to me, requesting advertising space on my site, and I will suddenly find myself spending all day transferring advertiser payments from PayPal to my bank account with no time to do anything else.
You never know, right? I mean, anything is possible.
Still, until that glorious and prosperous time, I’m very glad to have you stop by and support me with your readership.
This blog will be, shall we say, a general blog. I’ll set up categories so when I have amassed 4783 blog posts, you won’t have to scroll for a half an hour through them all to find the one you want. No, I will spend the effort to categorize them meaningfully.
I’d like the categories to be kinda creative. Feel free to suggest category titles if you like. I’m a sponge, ready for whatever ideas you generate. Although I won’t promise to use all of them. Or even any of them. But I’ll gratefully receive them all. ☺
As far as a jumping off point for article categories, I’m thinking of these: creativity; hospitality; pediatric health care; decorating; cooking; wellness; and movies.
Yeah, movies. It’s just because I am super into movies and I like to talk about them.
If you don’t know me from Eve and you just happened to stumble on this blog, I’ll tell you a speck about me.
I’m 40, fit, and fabulous.  Wait. That’s not completely accurate. I’m 40, frumpy, and easily freaked out. Wait. That’s not right either.
Ok let’s just forget about those sorts of titles and labels.
I’m a woman: I’ll give you that. I have kids. I have a home (I don’t sleep under a bridge).  I work. (I’m not going to tell you what work I do because you will jump to conclusions about me based on the work I do, and I assure you that my work doesn’t define me.)
I like to have fun. I’m all about taking care of myself so that I can enjoy life to the full. I’m also all about planning so that as little as possible sneaks up behind me and puts a bag over my head and does something terrible to my person.
So yeah, that about sums me up. You’ll figure out more about me if you end up reading my posts.
Time for me to go make some coffee and get the blood flowing.
See you next time!